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Winter 2016 Conversion Solar Geyser Prices for Gauteng

Thursday - 24.03.2016

First of all it is very important to understand that a solar water heater can be a very family personalised thing. The CORRECT system (ie. the one that will save you the optimum amount of electricity and money, while still giving you enough warm water) greatly depends on your families water usage, the size of the geyser and if we can face the Solar Panel in the optimum direction.

Our prices can very depending on your specific needs as we aim to give you the RIGHT system for you. The one that will work best for your house and your family.

Solar Geyser Conversion Systems- Prices (vat and installation included)

  • 150lt Existing Geyser       - 2sqM Panel = R13 499-00

  • 200lt Existing Geyser       - 2.5sqM Panel = R14 549-00

  • 250lt/300lt Geyser           - 3.0sqM Panel = R17 390-00

These systems come complete with the following...

  • Solar Panel

  • Circulation Pump

  • Digital Temperature Display and Smart Controller

  • Safety Valves

  • Conversion Kit (available for most geysers)

  • Piping and Pipe Insulation

More info available on our SOLAR CONVERSION page


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Benefits of using solar geysers:

There are numerous factors that influence how much money you spend on Water Heating each year, from the age of your kids to the duration of your shower. By making small lifestyle changes, one can drastically reduce the amount of Hot Water that goes to waste (not a bad idea since we are experiencing an El Nino year in 2016 and the droughts is hitting us hard - so saving water is just as important as saving electricity)

Below are just some benefits of changing to a Reliable Solar Water Heater from 4 Seasons Solar

  • Immediate saving of up to 90% on electricity, as electric geysers consume the most energy in your home.
  • Protection from future tariff increases, increases of 12.69% will kick into effect on 1 July 2015. You can read about it on the Eskom website by clicking HERE
  • A Geyser element = 3000 Watt, a light bulb = 60 Watt. (50 times more electricity per hour).
  • Having hot water when others might not (as long as there is sun, you wil have hot water)
  • Protection from future prescribed consumption laws or quotas.
  • The less energy you consume, the less your energy tariff.
  • Conserving the environment - saving 3.0 tons of carbon gas emitions per year.

    NB: In order for you to achieve maximum savings, it is VERY important to size your system correctly. If you currently have a 200lt Geyser with 4 people in the house, it would be better to Size Up and go for a 300lt Solar geyser.

Our Premier product range

Chromagen is one of the countries best Solar Geysers, you can read more on this by clicking here

Chromagen 300lt Chromagen 200lt Chromagen 150lt
Solar Geyser 300lt Chromagen Thermosiphon Solar Geyser Thermosiphon 150lt solar Geyser

- Indirect (Frost Resistant)
- Complete new system
- 4-6 people
- Natural Circulation
- Warrantee Document Download HERE

- Indirect (Frost Resistant)
- Complete new system
- 3-4 people
- Natural Circulation
- Warrantee Document Download HERE

- Indirect (Frost Resistant)
- Complete new system
- 2-3 people
- Natural Circulation
- Warrantee Document Download HERE

Heat Pump vs Solar
its 5.0kw Super Heat Pump

- Super Efficient Water Heating - The only Heat Pump in South Africa with a *Patented* integration technique, to prevent Hot Water mixing
- Aesthetically pleasing (perfect for estates)
- 75% Electricity Saving(1.25kw Input) vs Element(5kw Input)
- Payback of between 1-3 years
- Warrantee Document Download HERE

How much electricity does your normal water heater use?

Based on test carried out by the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research), it was found that between 40% and 60% of your household consumption, is used for heating your water. This piechart below shows what an average Electrical water heater consumes.

Usage Percentage of a Water Heater

Based on this, an average payback period of 3 years can be expected.

Solar Geyser Payback Period

The table below estimates your savings based on a 40% average saving, after instaling a solar geyser.

Current Electricity Account

After Solar Installation

Saving After Fitment

Saving Per Year (based on current electricity tariffs)

± R 500-00 pm
± R 300-00 pm
± R 200-00 pm
± R 2400-00
± R 750-00 pm
± R 450-00 pm
± R 300-00 pm
± R 3600-00
± R 1000-00 pm
± R 600-00 pm
± R 400-00 pm
± R 4800-00
± R 1500-00 pm
± R 900-00 pm
± R 600-00 pm
± R 7200-00

***These figures are based on current tarrifs, the energy price hike percentage can be added to the annual savings to get future savings (ie. R 7200-00 + 35% = R9720-00 etc.).This would mean that after next years increase you would save R9720-00 on top of the R7200-00 this year.***

Solar Geyser Finance

Ask us about our financing options.

You could get a loan from as little as

R250pm at 16% interest.

Click here for FINANCE

Solar Geyser Finance at 4 Seasons Solar

The sun gives us free energy, why not use it?

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