How YOU can help save the environment

With the ozone layer quickly disappearing and global warming a reality, something needs to be done to preserve our planet. You can help !!!

The domestic electric geyser is the biggest energy consumer in a house. The average electric geyser element is 3000 watt, your average light bulb is 60 watt (50 times less than the geyser), can you now see how your geyser is responsible for the most greenhouse gas emissions in your home?

By having a gas geyser, you cut out the need for electricity for heating, but you still burning fuel and you are still not helping the planet.
To help reduce your carbon footprint, you can install a solar hot water geyser and save up to 70% on you electricity bill. The free energy from the son significantly reduces the need for electrical heating, reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

It’s the single best way to ensure your kids and their kids and their kids, enjoy the same wonderful planet we enjoy


Have a look at the below video for some easy tips on helping the environment...


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