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High Pressure Solar Geysers

Solar Geysers also called Solar Water Heaters are the single easiest way to bring down your households energy costs. The average South African home spends around 30-40% of the electricity used, on heating the geyser. When replaced with an adequatly sized solar geyser, you can eliminate the bulk of this energy usage.

The rule of thumb is around 50-70lt of hot water per person per day for showering and up to 120lt pppd for a bath. Also take into account the piping and plumbing system should count as an extra adult as plenty of water just sit there getting cold.

So for a 3 person household one should go for at least a 150lt Solar Geyser, however in order to get the most out of your investment, you should rather upsize to a 200lt.

If you are 4 people in the house, you should already look at a 300lt system. They come with backup elements and timer switches, however we would like to see at least 90% of your water heating coming from the SUN.

Below we outline the main types of Solar Geysers available from 4 Seasons Solar

Close-Coupled or Thermo-syphon Systems

300lt 300lt 2

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Closed Loop Thermo-syphon System- This is a Full, Solar Geyser specific system, with a geyser designed specifically for the use with solar water heating. The Geyser Tank sits outside on the roof above the panel and does not need any pumps or problematic electronics to operate.

If there is sun, this beast will give you hot water.

Some Benefits

– Less maintenance as no pumps or electronics are required.
– No moving parts, thus reducing the chance of a breakdown.
– Individual buildings can each have its own geyser.
– These systems are more cost effective.

– Anti freeze protects the solar panel from frost.
– Calcium build up cannot occur in this system as it’s a closed loop, extending the life of the panel.


Split Pumped Systems

Split Pumped vacuum tube or evacuated tube solar water heating

Split Pumped or Solar Conversion System- This is a system where the geyser is located below or a fair distance from the collector. The water then gets circulated via a water pump and is controlled with a thermostat or controller. The pump can be electrically or solar powered. In a conversion system, we use your existing geyser and convert it to accept a solar panel and pump. This way you save on having to buy a new geyser upfront, but it comes with the drawback of some moving parts and electronics.

Some Benefits

– The geyser does not have to be close to the collector.
– The pumps cost very little to run (up to 3 cents per hour).
– One geyser can be used for more than one house/property.
– You can have hot water when no one else has.


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