In Line Heaters / Non Storage Water Heaters
ILH1In Line Heaters or Non storage water boilers
  • Manufactured generally  in accordance with ASME VIII Code of Practice, from mild steel or stainless steel. Certification of vessels by a Third Party Test Authority can be done on request.
  • All mild steel vessels are offered standard with a Sigmarite internal protective lining, or with Phenoline 1205 or Polyglass VEF as a protective lining for aggressive water areas. Galvanized vessels are also available on request.
  • All vessels are manufactured as standard for 400kPa pressure, with higher or lower pressures available on request.
  • All units come standard with a Temperature and Pressure Safety valve.
  • The water heaters are supplied standard with Incalloy immersion elements.
  • Dual thermostats, and differential controllers fitted where required.
  • Water heaters are insulated with 50mm thick IW24 fibre wool and are clad with 0.6mm galvanized sheet metal. Stainless steel and Aluminium cladding are also available on request.
  • Control Panels in IP54 protection enclosures installed as standard, pre  wired to the elements, or  available on wall mounting brackets.
  • Available from 6kw - 480kw.

Custom tanks available on request, just provide us with capacity and requirements.

Steam Calorifiers also available, in the same sizes and capacities, heating coils also included.

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